O/R Mappers and automatic code generation

My blog has moved. You can read the post here: O/R Mappers and automatic code generation


6 Responses to “O/R Mappers and automatic code generation”

  1. Nic Wise Says:

    Thanks David – Much appreciated! Now, to work out how all the relationships look in XML 🙂 Cheers – Nic

  2. David Givoni Says:

    Hehe, Nic, while I get around to that, did you see this two part tutorial on NHibernate written by Justin Gehtland (Part 1, part 2)? It also has a few xml-mapping examples.

    Another thing is just noticed is that the ObjectMapper is now open source according to an email I received by Mats Hellander and Roger Johansson a few days ago. It’s not available for download separately, but included in a package of all the applications that they offer. Now who raised his hand, when I asked for someone to continue it’s development? 😉

  3. John-Daniel Trask Says:

    When starting to investigate nHibernate a friend of mine and I wrote our own generator (it’s quite basic, doesn’t use templates for generating the class files for example). It does generate the XML, stubs the solution, basic classes and the .config entries. If I have some time over Christmas I might tidy it up and put it up to download.

    Following on from this, I’ve always found this site: http://www.xylax.net/hibernate/ quite useful for getting the mappings correct. Usually I find my main mistake is not putting in a full namespace or something silly rather than the actually mappings.

    Hibernate In Action is a useful resource as well (it doesn’t explicitly cover the latest version of Hibernate which is good because nHibernate is a version behind so most of it relates).

    – JD

  4. David Givoni Says:

    Thanks for the comment, JD, I did’nt know the xylax site. It looks good, and perhaps it’s what you were asking for Nic!

  5. JD’s Weblog » nHibernate Says:

    […] I was reading about nHibernate generation over on David’s blog and added a comment which I thought could be posted here as well. […]

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