Joomla – doom ya?

My blog has moved. You can read the post here: Joomla – doom ya?


One Response to “Joomla – doom ya?”

  1. Amy Stephen Says:

    David –

    That was one of the saddest things I have read! I am so sorry for your very unfortunate experience with Joomla!

    I am also an .asp/.NET, MS SQL Server developer/DBA for many years. I work at the University of Nebraska in Data Warehousing. I have also had the distinct pleasure of working with Joomla! the past six months — and I so wish I had found your thread in January.

    I just noticed you only had four posts before you split — all in that thread! LOL…you gave up on us pretty quick! But, had I gotten that answer, I would have been discouraged, too!

    BTW – the question you asked is really easy to answer. You just create your page like normal and place it on the front page using the FrontPage manager. No PHP programming and special mambots required! LOL… oh, that is so frustrating!

    Anyway, if you decide to give us a chance, again, please email me and I will be more than happy to help you get started. The documentation coming out with the new v. 1.5 release is much better; and, hopefully, it will help prevent such a bad experience, again!

    Also, when I started, I shelled out $30 for a book. It was a great investment, of course, because these easy questions like you had asked were addressed early on in the reading. Now, there are so many more options for learning — and more coming all of the time.

    Your gut instincts were right when you first settled on Joomla! For end users, without technical skill or DESIRE to obtain such skill –> Joomla! is the way to go! Trust me!

    Anyway, thanks for blogging on this! MUCH appreciated. This kind of feedback is really good.


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